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Whooo, San Diego Aftermath...

I just got back from America... well, sort of... I got back from Amsterdam, to tell you the truth, but this is a story for later on... let's go on to the big meat. No photos cos I took a Handycam with me, so I don't have photos. I have videos, but I don't have space online to put it up at, heh.

So, on 17th July, 11:45pm, I launched from Malaysia to Singapore to go to Los Angeles via Narita, Tokyo. In Singapore, we (me and aimo and onion_sama) had to wait in Singapore for 6 hours cos the flight was at 6 am. Anyways, in the end, we landed in America anyway. But my last LJ post have the Brea storyline there, so let's skip straight to San Diego.

We arrived at San Diego at around 6:30pm, big mucho thanks to my foster brother for the big transportation hook-up to San Diego. We took out pro badge and went into the exhibition hall to check out preview night. It... was... HUGE! It was basically the most corporate thing ever involving comics. Booths EVERYWHERE and some of the booth set up are beautiful. Lego had this awesome Batman sculpture made of Legos. They're actually promoting their new Batman line. They even had a display of a new Spongebob Lego line, that looks pretty fun. But, we couldn't be long in preview night cos they were about to close, so I didn't go everywhere yet. That night, we went to this place called Panda Inn. Quite a hefty sum to pay but the food's delicious. Can't remember what we did that night... I think we saw Mega64 DVD that Pies got... not so sure...

The first day of Comic Con rolled by. I saw FSC again, she's always so cool. Laine was there manning the Go-Gaia booth with Charles Park. It was awesome to see them again. And then I met doctaj for the first time, that was fun. But then we all got separated so there was a lot of moving with other groups during the first day. I met some cool people too, like Stephen Silver (, character designer for Kim Possible, Doug Tennapel, the Earthworm Jim guy and glanced by Steve Purcell, but I didn't go up to him. Heh, my bad. I finally met Josh Lesnick! But I think I met him at preview night, forgot to mention that til now. Got myself Girly, the book! I wanted to get Polyp, but then, I wasn't sure how much money I really have to blow. I met Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo. He is unbelievably friendly. I say this cos he was about to go to a panel but he still made time to sketch me some sketches. Then I met up with Aimo and Hanie again and spent most of the day at the DC Booth cos Aimo wanted to meet Brian K. Vaughan and Hanie wanted to meet Mark Buckingham. I met both of em anyways and gave my SDCC giveaway sketchbook to Bill Willingham and Brian K. Vaughan (DAMN! I forgot to mention that I knew Adrian Alphona thru e-mails). On this day, I started my Adam Warren hunt (see, he e-mailed me before I went off to SDCC saying he has interest in seeing my stuff and wanted to meet me at Comic Con). But the result is failed! That night, I begin my journey down the path of the Gamecube Narutardness... and also Mariokarting, pump mode! It was awesome fun.

Second day came by and I went to do some more looking aroundness. Bought some more comics and met up with some more people. Got to see Mike Mignola but didn't go up to see him yet, cos he looked tired. Went through the Artist's Alley, a lot of awesome people there like Adam Hughes, Josh Middleton, Skottie Young and several others. I also met up with the Mega64 guys. Bought both the version 1 and version 2 DVDs and had them sign version 1. Awesomeness. Must do Mega64 fanart. I went to Rob Liefeld's booth for the heck of it. Man, he can be a windbag. But let's not go there, I wanna make this a nice post. On the bright side, I also got to meet up with Mal again and he signed my Scott Pilgrim vol.3 book with a drawing of Ramona in it. Later on that day, I went to my first SDCC panel ever, the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends panel. That was pretty awesome. Got news that they're gonna come out with a DVD early next year, awesome news and after the panel, I got to meet Craig McCracken and the lead animator. Gave them my SDCC giveaway book, so it's all sweet. I met with the voice of Frankie, too, Grey DeLisle. She's beautiful and the three VAs actually did a little skit on the panel, that was awesome. Cos they changed their voices so easily, it was almost unbelievable. Especially the guy who played Bloo. Anyways, after the panel, we hit a bit of a downer cos Aimo lost her cellphone as we were going thru the artist's alley. And Adam Warren hunt was still failed!

Third day came... this is the big Lost panel that we've been waiting for. So we went for it. Lost... the panel! It was a pretty fun panel with some of the writers and Daniel Dae-Kim and Jorge Garcia. There was a moment of psychotic-ness in the panel when a woman was saying that the show was supporting the Dharma Foundation and that the island was real and bla bla bla... me and the group thinks that this is a gimmick created for the panel to make it more interesting... but eh, who knows. After this panel, it was some more looking around and buying stuff. I got to meet Rodolphe Guenoden! Whooo! He is such a cool and awesome guy and very nice too. Basically, most of the artist I met are pretty much awesome people. I got Mike Mignola to sign my Hellboy book but I didn't get him to draw in my sketchbook cos he looked grumpy and exhausted.... but then, as mrotakki said to me, he always looks grumpy. Later on, I met The Rey, creator of Sharknife. Cool guy, it was great to finally meet him after all these years. Freakin' Churen. Highlight of the day, however, is the Nickelodeon/Avatar panel. For one thing, Aimo found her phone back thanks to a kind and mysterious stranger. Another thing is the little sneak preview they showed of the next Avatar book and also the trailer for the upcoming September 15th hour long episode that starts off the second half of book 2. It was some of the most awesomest thing ever! Also, I got to giveaway my book to the Avatar guys. Later on, at the Cartoon Network booth, I got to meet up with Craig McCracken again. I also got to meet up with Ryan Kinnaird and we were talking about border and airport customs. Funny stuff. But again, the Adam Warren hunt was still failed!

Fourth and last day of comic con... I still have money but I vowed not to buy any more schwag, cos I need to save money for hotel fee and also Sea World and the Zoo. A lot of going around for me and looking at stuff. I got some people to draw stuff in my sketchbook like Eric Canete and Rodolphe Guenoden. I don't think much happened during SDCC itself though. I just remember going around, checking out stuff and then hanging out at the Auction Area tables and sketching with Gamera and o_8. But the highlight of the day was when the hall was about to close, I checked out the AP booth and asked for Adam Warren and the guy there was like, "Man, why do you always come 4 minutes after Adam went off?" and I was like, "Damn... my last chance... and I... failed..." and suddenly, this bearded guy came up to the table and I was like, "Hmmm... looks like he could be an Adam Warren" and the guy who was there was like, "Oh, lucky you, here's Adam" and I was like, "Mr.Warren? Hi, I'm Eisu" and finally, the hunt is successed! Cos the hall was closing, we both went out into the hallway area and sat down and talked. Then, we were joined by Jo Chen and Andy Shepherd. I was quite surprised that I wasn't tongue tied, considering I'm in the presence of Adam Warren and Jo Chen. We had a pretty much very good talk and chat and it was really great to finally meet and talk with Adam Warren. And later on that night, it was some more gaming to be done after dinner at Rockbottom thanks to Mike (inh).

So, the con's past and the next day, we go off to Sea World. It was cool, a lot of animals of the sea and stuff. The Wild Arctic ride was kinda lame. I mean, it's not bad, but it is kinda short and not much in the whole panic department. But then, as Hanie said, I did go on the Back to the Future ride in Universal Studios, after that ride, other rides of the same style really is sort of a letdown. Then, we went to see Shamu, the killer whale. It was a pretty fun show and to see Shamu splash the audiences, on purpose too, was really fun. Not much to talk about in Sea World.

The Zoo was HUGE! We're talking about miles and miles of walking. But it was awesome, all sorts of animals can be seen. I tells ya, I'm glad I brought a Handycam. These animals, they're something you gotta record to really appreciate them, see them move and stuff. Not much to talk abou here either. You see animals, you take pictures, ta daaa. But it is a very worthwhile experience. Cos it was HUGE and full of things to see. Later on in the day, we went to the Horton's mall at downtown San Diego where I got myself the Dave Chapelle's Lost Episode DVD! Awesomeness!

So, we woke up very early in the morning, settled the hotel bill and then went off to the train station to get a train to LA. The train's running late but we got on. On the way to LA, it had to stop due to a faulty car. Big gasp. Me might not make it to check in time. Whoops, whaddya know, we didn't make it to check-in time. Freakin' train delays... so we pleaded at the Northwest counter to help us do something... anything! I mean, we're going home, so we pretty much are penniless in america by then. Luckily enough, the lady at the counter were nice and efficient and got us a flight with KLM airlines to Amsterdam and then straight to Kuala Lumpur. The only snag is that we have to wait in Amsterdam for 8 hours. I spent most of my time in Amsterdam sleeping... man, was I ever exhausted. But in the end, things went well and now here I am, back in Malaysia, LJ-ing my trip cos I said to people that the first thing I'm gonna do when I get back, is post in my LJ. So, now that I'm done with that, time for me to take a shower.

My big regret is that I missed Chris Arrant and Ed Tadem... man, I wish I could've meet up with them. After this experience, I probably won't be coming back to San Diego until like, the next 5 years or so. It was too exhausting. It's fun, but too tiring.

Edit: Oh yeah, also, I got a Newsarama feature interview, this is pretty cool, though my name is Remy with a Y, not an I ^^;;;
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