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August 6th, 2006

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02:00 am - Commissions info
Time to stop dilly-dallying about and start getting down to business. Especially since I'm in that kind of productive mood these days.

Commissions details

Black and White:
A simple sketch of character only = $10
Detailed sketch with backgrounds and details = $15-20 (depends on the details)
(Note: all "sketches" will be inked and finished)

Colour works (no traditional media cos I got no money to buy em):
Character only = $20 (1-3 characters in one paper only, more than that means extra pay)
Character with background = $25-$30 (depends on details and specifics, 1-3 characters in one paper only, more characters means extra pay)
Illustration = $50-$80 (depends on details and specifics)

Let's talk shop.

Check or money order only, no Paypal, sorry.

Any interest and/or question, e-mail me at eisu.commish@gmail.com


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