ArtBomber (darkkof) wrote,


I haven't checked this place out since forever... my bad!! But anyways, for those still watching my LJ, here's a HUGE ASS ARTWORK DUMP FOR YOU YO!!! Happy times!!

Preview before my dump.... more in the cut!

For Bad Axe Studios' Treasure Chest and Booty:

For Upper Deck's Thor:

Something I drew for 5Finity's Voltron artbook, United and Drawn:

For Rittenhouse's Marvel Dangerous Divas:

For 5Finity's Lady Death:

For Upper Deck's Marvel Beginnings:

For 5Finity's Sheena: Queen of the Jungle:

For Upper Deck's Captain America:

For Upper Deck's Avengers Kree-Skrull War:

For 5Finity's Hack/Slash:

For 5Finity's Manga Mandy:

For 5Finity's Painkiller Jane:

That's all there is for now. Also, No Pink Ponies have been updating the past few weeks, check it out too!

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