June 30th, 2006

Gurren Lagann SPIN ON

Superman Returns

Went and saw the movie last night. It was gooooood. It was very well done, good character movie. Brandon Routh played his role as Superman AND Clark Kent very nicely and Kevin Spacey, fuhgedabouddit, he totally KILLED IT! He played the best Lex Luthor I've ever seen. Very nicely done, Mr.Spacey, sincerely, not a show stealer but a good job. And Kate Bosworth played a nice follow up to Margot Kidder's Lois Lane. She played it hard and played it adequately. She might not be a hard-ass (though, she kinda does have a nice ass) but then, she's also a mommy, so she's a wee bit toned down, but not by much. She's still a Lois Lane one knows and love.

The focus of the movie is very well done too, no one stole the show and gave it all pretty equal terms, even Cyclops, I mean, James Marsden gets his dues. More so than when he was Cyclops, ha ha ha ha! The guy who played Jimmy Olsen also was hilarious. He totally played the fanboy. But, I love the guy who played Perry White, Frank Langella. Saw him in other movies before like Dave and Junior so it's nice to see a familiar face as Perry White. He even delivered "Great Ceasar's Ghost" nicely. Thumbs up, Mr.Langella!

Good movie. Very good movie.