January 24th, 2007

Bloo in shock

No Pink Ponies e-mail drama

So, check it out...

From E-mailer to me:
I just wanted to write and inform you that you've lost a devout reader.I know you're busy, we're all busy, but I cannot rely on you to updateyour comic on time. I haven't been able to for a while. I'm not writingthis to be rude, just to let you know that you risk losing readerssoon. This little comic may not mean much to you, but the whole idea ofwebcomics is to get more and more readers, more followers. It bringsattention to your writing and drawing abilities, so that when you moveonto better things, those fans are eager to followyou. All NPP has brought to my attention is your utter inability tomake an update on time. I've waited longer than I should, andpatiently, but I'm just going to stick to a comic like Wapsi Square,because frankly, it has a better storyline, and Paul Taylor manages tofaithfully update Monday through Friday.

My reply to e-mailer:
Thank you for your e-mail telling me that I suck and I don't have acommittment especially not when I have a job to go to and a family thatI need to take care of and doing free comics for people to read onlinewhere I really get almost nothing back for it is clearly what I shouldbe doing. Forget the fact that I need to eat, pay bills and actuallyLIVE with the money I get from my job, no, I must do the comic that Iget no money back and I was just doing for the love of drawing comicsto please people who's getting it for free.

Oh, I am so dreadful for not appeasing the masses that is mooching offmy comics for free. I mean, clearly, I was doing the comic so that Ican get more fans and attention and not because I love to draw comics.You know me so well despite me never even knowing of your existence. Iam so sorry for not being able to please you and for the fact thatyou're leaving my comic. I am a horrible person and losing you clearlyare a big huge loss for me because I'm getting nothing for the comic inthe first place.

I have learned my lesson and I have been spanked hard by your e-mail...I am now sulking in the corner sitting regretfully for losing a devoutreader who didn't know me BEFORE No Pink Ponies where I have beenonline and drawing comics for the past ten years... I am burned and Ifeel your sting...

Thank you.

E-mailer's awesome rebuttal:
Be as sarcastic, and try to be as witty as you can. Really. But I'msure Paul Taylor has a family to feed, and his little boy has medicalproblems on top of it. If you can't handle the commitment, maybe youshouldn't make one in the first place.

To which I reply:
Why are you comparing me to him? Do you know he has a different lifethan I do? Do you know he gets money from Wapsi Square? He works OFFWapsi Square, he can live off it. I don't. My comic does not get me anymoney. Do you even read his author's page? He's working on Wapsi SquareFULL TIME, I'm not.

There are MANY webcomics out there that misses longer than I do, I'monly missing one week since my last update and you're comparing me to aman who's working full-time on a webcomic. Well, I'm sorry, I can't dothe same thing cos, guess what, I need money. Paul Taylor is getting money from updating Wapsi Square. I have a different life than his, youknow.

I just can't afford to do the same thing he does, there are circumstances that avoids me from doing it.

And she comes back:
Yeah, I guess it just comes down to the fact that he's good at what hedoes, and you aren't. Whatever, I'm not e-mailling you to stir up shit.Just wanted to let you know that you suck at updating your comic, oreven letting people know that you're taking an extra week off. It'sinconsiderate of the people that go to your site every mon, wed, fri,looking for your latest update, only to be met with some half-assed,unfunny comic.

To which I say:
Gee, how long does it take you to go to my website? 10 minutes at most?See if there's anything new? Nothing new? Then what do you do? Oh,usually, if I went to a webcomic I like and it doesn't update, do youknow what I do? I go to another website! Or oh... heaven forbid, livemy life!

I dunno about you, but I find telling people they suck at something,whatever it is, is stirring up shit. I might just be telling someonethat they suck at sitting down and that pretty much will still strip upshit, you know.

I find the fact that you're complaining so much about my not updatingmy comic and then proceed to calling it half-assed and unfunny verycontradicting... hey, you know what people usually do when they thinksomething is half-assed and unfunny? They don't become devout to it.

Thank you.

She doth replieth:
you're the one that keeps writing me back. Did I hit a nerve?

To which I answer:
Nahhh, but it's really more like I'm writing back out of customary... Ilike to reply my fan's e-mails even if it's spouting hate and insults.I admit, my first e-mail to your was sarcasm, but the ones after thatis to explain to you my whole situation but somehow, you seem to thinkthat webcomic artists have to cater to all your needs and wants anywayand that we should drop all our lives to entertain you, so eh, what canI do? I tried explaining, you wouldn't understand, if that's the way itis then that's it then...

This e-mail kinda tells me that you don't seem to want me to e-mailback... I mean, to be fair, you wrote me first, so it's really like,did I hit a nerve on you... what? cos of my not updating? You could'veend it by not replying to sarcasm mail, but you did, so really... did Ihit a nerve on you then? And then, you replied again on another e-mailI sent explaining my situation... so... did I hit a nerve on you thentoo? Seriously, you wanna say, I'm the one that keeps writing back,well, same goes to you... I mean, look at this e-mail you just sent...it doesn't even justify anything I said in the e-mail before... it'slike playgroun kids saying, "Well I'm rubber and you're glue" *Boing**Fwip* baby, *Boing* *Fwip*

Well, okay, clearly, you don't want me to e-mail back, I'll respectthat by not replying to your reply after this... deal? Even if youspout the hate, I will not reply, even if every bone in my body wantsto reply, i will not reply... yay!

Thank you.

And finally, the last e-mail as she clearly replied cos I won't reply:
Only because you promise not to reply. ;)

Actually, you chooseto think I don't understand, because you didn't like what I had to say.You've got me pegged in your head as a total entitlement whore orsomething, and apparently you think I have nothing better to do, and nocommitments of my own, than to just sit here and whine and wait for youto update your comic. If you honestly believe that, I pity you. Ifthere were a big banner somewhere on the main NPP page that kinda readsas a disclaimer "Warning: this comic means nothing to me. Updates willbe infrequent, and sometimes rushed because I can't be bothered tocare." I could've saved you all this e-mail headache, I never would'veread it to begin with.

The only reason I wrote in the first place was because I liked the storyline, and the infrequent updates are unfair to your fans. Ifthe comic means nothing to you, why not just wrap it up and end it? Isuspect because you like the praise. You got one unsatisfied fan (thatyou know of, at least. Who knows how many just stopped waiting for youto update and found a better comic?), and it upset you. But hey, atleast it got you to update. I was just hoping the last NPP comic I wasever going to read would've been better than that. I should've knownbetter. That said, you can go about getting over it already, because Ilost any will to communicate with you a long time ago, it was just adisappointment.

And this marks the end of the drama I guess... I'm a man of my word, I will not reply...

Hey, I said I won't reply, I didn't say I wasn't going to put it online...